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Generally Quantity surveyor is done to get the details.

Generally Quantity surveyor is done to get the details.

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Quantity Surveying is a professional working within the construction industry concerned with construction costs and contracts. It is primarily centered on construction and the management of the costs and budgets of large projects. From the moment a plan is drawn until a large construction project has been completed, a quantity surveyor is likely to be involved in a legal, technical and financial capacity. The functions of a quantity surveyor are broadly concerned with the control of the cost on construction projects, the management and maintenance of the budget, valuations and any legal matters arising through the course of the project. They are required to make sure that the project remains profitable and efficient.

At TAQS "Quantity Surveyor" means a person educated, trained and qualified, and who is particularly and regularly engaged in following services:

  1. Cost Planning
  2. Estimating
  3. Contracts negotiation
  4. Procurement advice
  5. Preparing Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
  6. Monitoring Budget
  7. Preparation of Payment Invoice and Certification.
  8. Assessment of variations
  9. Dispute resolution
  10. preparing feasibility studies
  11. Cost Control
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